Gra z vognem — restaurant of new Ukrainian cuisine from high-quality local products. We traveled all over Ukraine to take the best from every region of the country and bring it for guests.

The restaurant confirms: modern Ukrainian cuisine — it`s new, it`s delicious, it is an ideal combination of the best local products, endless imagination and gastronomic experiments.
There is a respect for a good wine in «Gra z vognem». We offer a considerable range of red and white wine, so you can enjoy a glass or a whole bottle. Tastings are regularly occurred in the restaurant, where connoisseurs of good wine could be met.

The author's cocktail card from chef-bartender Dmitro Dred deserves a particular attention. The native land became a muse for its creation. Cocktails are divided into «Hraylyvi» — which are on a base of Prosecco and used as a appetizer; «Narodovladdya» — author`s cocktails that reflect a theme of the restaurant - they are prepared with local berries and fruits and complement with a strong premium alcohol; «Interventcia» — tart, frankly man drinks that are suited the best to steaks, and «Tabula Rasa» — non-alcohol drinks based on local products.

The author of the interior «Gra z vognem» became one of the most famous designers of Ukraine — Denis Belenko. Highlights of the interior are massive furniture, marble, tables made of natural wood. A huge chandelier in a form of burned candles represents the power of fire in our restaurant.